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Two Wheeled Bin 120 L, 240 L and 360 Liters - Wheelie Bins w/ 2 Wheels

We design and manufacture two wheeled bins for garbage collection in variety of environments including hospitals, healthcare facilities, factories and sanitation. These hands free Wheelie bin containers are engineered in keeping in mind the practical user experience and supplied with and without pedal facility.

Colors for Two Wheeled Bins

Engineered with keeping in mind the practical user experience, our Wheelie bin containers with 2 wheels are so designed that provide extra strength to the construction and ensure almost zero damage to the container. Available in different capacities from 80 to 360 liters these plastic waste bins serve the purposes of all kinds of customer needs. In order to match standards of various applications these bins are available in different colors including red, grey, blue, yellow and green.

Our 2 wheeled bins are equipped and facilitated with different types of lids which are designed as per customer's convenience. Looking forward towards different customer segments these products are manufactured with either HDPE or HDPE UV-resistant. For easy transportation 2 rugged rubber wheels are used.

Our Product Range
Blue Wheelie Bin Yellow Wheelie Bin Green Wheelie Bin
Two Wheeled Red Bin Two Wheeled Yellow Bin Two Wheeled Green Bin

Wheelie Bins w/ Two Wheels
  • Manufactured with high density HDPE

  • Designed with / without pedal

  • Latest cap design, practical and economical

  • Special design of strengthen ribs, that can guarantee the using life of our bins

  • Anti-slipped design, easy to be operated, more convenient for transportation

  • Engineered with strengthened design that makes sure the part will not break easily

  • OEM Service available
  • Smooth surface reducing waste residue, easy to clean

  • Can overlay each other to facilitate the transport, saving space and costs

  • Variety of colors including red, green, blue, yellow and grey

  • Ideal for garbage collection in hospitals, factories and sanitation etc

  • Bins can stacked with each other, saving more space

  • Compatible to national and international standards

  • Possibility of logos and private labeling

Capacity Dimensions (HxWxD)mm Material Color
120 Liters 940 x 470 x 540 HDPE / HDPE UV-resistant Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Grey
240 Liters 1080 X 595 X 760 HDPE / HDPE UV-resistant Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Grey
360 Liters 1100 x 700 x 850 HDPE / HDPE UV-resistant Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Grey

Below mentioned are explanations of important features and specifications of Two Wheeled Plastic Bins that enable these units standout from the crowd of other brands available on the market. With standard and custom made bin container range and unmatched industry expertise, we don't just elevate productivity. We unleash it.


These 2 wheeled plastic containers are made from high density HDPE plastic, stabilized against UV degradation (optional), is shock absorbent and resists many common chemicals and temperature extremes.


These 2 wheeled plastic bins can be designed and manufactured to meet different requirements of customers however the standard capacity range includes (120 L, 240 L and 360 Liters).

Colors Availability:

Wheelie bin containers with 2 wheels are available with different color schemes which include red, yellow, blue, grey and green.


In order to make these units convenient to operation, wheels with rubber tires are used which make containers smoothly movable. Replacing the wheels is rapid and easy.

Ergonomic Lid:

For quick operation and easy opening the plastic lids are designed with hand grip. The lid is customizable according customers' requirements. these units are also available without lid.


Constructed with durable fixings, these units feature strong connections (plastic Pins) between the lid and the body, (galvanization steel axles) between the wheels and body.

Safe Collection:

The reinforced flange ensures high reliability with regards to constraints caused by lifting / emptying operations.

Permanently Identified:

Can be stamped with a unique serial number on either the lid or the body in order to provide permanent identifications.

Space saving storage:

Can be stacked into each other and the lids and wheels can be separated.


Our factory is EN840, ISO 14001:2004 certified production unit and ensures all 2 wheeled bin containers are CE and ISO certified. Furthermore these wheelie bins are compliant to Indian and international quality standards.

We are an Indian manufacturing company of 2 wheeled bin containers and serving clients from all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East. With highly possibility of customized design facilities, we are considered the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters for 2 wheeled plastic bins in India. All these units are supplied with complete documents and certifications and exported with highly safe packaging. To know more about price, quotation and supply details please fill up the query form on left side or just drop us a detailed email at Our custom support executives will contact you with complete information you need.

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