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Wheelie Bins for Hospitals & Medical Use - Plastic Garbage Bins & Containers

Our company is an Indian organization that has delivered more than thousands Wheelie Bins for hospitals and medical facilities into the Indian and Asian market and maintains its position as leading manufacturer and supplier of wheelie bins with the significant production and delivery capabilities together with innovation and quality. Along with standard sizes of these waste bins, we are capable of fulfilling your custom requirements of any size and color.

Our Wheelie Bins are widely used for solid waste handling systems with less manpower efforts. Depend upon different applications and loads these products are designed with various sizes, shapes, colors and facilities.Our Bins are EN840 / ISO 9001 certified for Quality and ISO 14001 certified for Environmental Impact. In order to meet various waste standards these hospital bins are designed with different colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Grey). As per customer provided specifications these plastic wheeled bins can be manufactured with and without Ultra Violet Protection. Our range includes standard models of these plastic wheelie bins with different capacities (50 L, 60 L, 100 L, 120 L, 240 L, 360 L, 660L and 1100 Liters)and are compliant with national and international standards.

Our Product Range
Blue Wheelie Bin Yellow Wheelie Bin Green Wheelie Bin
Two Wheeled Blue Bin Two Wheeled Yellow Bin Four Wheeled Green Bin

Hospital Garbage Bins
  • Made of 100% imported high density HDPE plastic

  • Acid, Alkali, Corrosion Resistant and easy to clean

  • Fitted with durable wheels hence easy to transport

  • Suitable for all DIN lifting equipment

  • High temperature resistant

  • Compliant to national and international standards

  • Available in red, yellow, blue and green colors
  • Can be designed up to 1100 liters of capacity

  • Fitted with pedal and locking lids

  • Can be designed with Ultra Violet Protection

  • CE and ISO 14001 certified

  • Rugged, robust design and construction

  • Compliant with noise reduction requirements

  • Solid steel axle

Types of Wheelie Bins
Two / Four Wheeled Plastic Bins
With Two Wheels With Four Wheels
Plastic Wheelie Bin
  • Municiple

  • Commercial Use

  • Industrial Use

  • Factory Use
  • Parks

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Sanitation

Our Wheeled Bins represent both the latest development in wheeled container technology and our ongoing commitment to product development and quality. We offer a complete range of two and four wheeled bins for solid waste management in medical, commercial and industrial sectors. Designed and manufactured in India, these products are also available for export to Asian, African and Middle East countries at factory price. We welcome queries from end users, distributors, suppliers, whole sellers and trading companies. We also offer OEM services.

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