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We are an Indian company and engaged in manufacturing of bio-medical waste collection bags and exporting to Asian, African and Middle East countries. We are also importer of international brands from USA, UK and Germany.

What We Do

We are diverse manufacturer of injection and blow molded bags for autoclaving and biohazard waste disposal as well as biodegradable bags, compostable bags and liners. We serve various industries, including Hospitals, biological labs, pharmaceutical labs, universities, research and development centers (Government and private sectors), food and automotive industries. Simply stated, we serve any industry which requires safe and healthy environment, portability, and protection for its products.

The Brand:

Here at we are proud of our own premium quality branded eco friendly waste bags. We always try to understand our customers' demands and have developed our brand in accordance with their needs and wants, with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our waste collection bags are competitively priced and are of premium quality - representing the finest value - which has made us market leaders in the clinical and medical bags manufacturing industry.


We have own manufacturing unit (factory) located in New Delhi, India and in order to supply diverse range of products we are also manufacturing partners of different manufacturing units throughout Asia. Thanks to our manufacturing partners who helped us to grow at International level and made us one of the top brands in domestic and International market. We have highly skilled manpower of engineers and technicians which focuses on quality control and ensures most efficient production, on-time delivery and better pricing.

Sales and Marketing:

From trading to manufacturing and from domestic supply to export we has come up with a hard core experience of more than 25 years. The head office and sales office of the company are located in New Delhi, India. We have a professionally talented team of customer support executives which is proficient in its work. Every single query is valuable to us; from small order to bulk our team coordinates with total dedication to its clients.

As An Importer:

Along with manufacturer we are also leading importer and stockiest of several types of bags which are patented and are of international brands from USA, UK and Germany. We are your one stop source of all kinds of imported bio-medical waste collection bags and other medical bags. You can freely discuss your specific requirements and we can arrange you the same at earliest with competitive price.

As An Exporter:

We are not only catering requirements of domestic or national customers, we also export our clinical and medical waste bags to all Asian, African and Middle East countries. Our customer profile includes hospitals, health care facilities, clinics, universities, laboratories, doctors, pathologies and industrial and government organizations.

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