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Biohazard Clinical & Medical Waste Collection Bags

Biohazard Bags are one of the most important products in the direction of effective waste management. These bags are very helpful in controlling the spread of diseases from waste, biological, medical, and pharmaceutical contaminates. We offer a wide range of Biohazard Bags which come with advanced custom capabilities. For hospitals, healthcare facilities, clinics, offices and factories we have a large selection of bags for bio hazards waste. Bio hazard Bags are made of non-chlorinated plastic and let you experience durable, puncture and tear proof performance. Depending upon the capacity and load of biohazardous material, these bags can be designed with specific requirements as provided by the customer.

Biohazard Bags in Red Color Biohazard Bags in Yellow Color Biohazard Bags Clear

These Biohazard Bags are made of high-molecular weight, high-density polyethylene and are steam autoclavable. Looking forward towards different applications, these bags can be designed suitable for a particular work. We have hard core expertise in the development of broad variety of biohazard bags that are available for use for many applications; from waste bin liners, to linen liners, to specimen transfer bags and more. You are welcome to discuss with our professionals which biohazard bag may fit your needs for infectious waste management. Please visit our other biohazard bags categroeis in the website and send us an email with complete specifications.

Biohazard Bags Features
Custom Made Biohazard Bags
  • Maximum strength and reliability

  • Excellent handling of sharp and jagged objects

  • Perfect for multi-purpose workload

  • Puncture & tear resistant Biohazard Bags

  • Made of LDPE, HDPE non-cholorinated plastic

  • Tested for load capacity and seal integrity

  • Printed in English and international language
  • Available in Red, Yellow, Black, Blue and Clear colors

  • Also available in Films on roll

  • Can be designed with self sealed and twist tie

  • Made to order as per specific requirements

  • Can be printed with hospital name and address if required

  • Can be packed as individually folded for easy dispensing
Types of Biohazard Bags
Printed and Unprinted Biohazard Bags
Biohazard Medical Waste Collection Bags Radioactive Waste Bags
Biohazard Waste Bin Liners Chemotherapy Waste Bags
Autoclavable Biohazard Bags Biohazard Bags w/ Twist Tie & Zip lock
Bio Hazard Specimen Bag Printed and unprinted Biohazard Bags
Specimen transport bag Trash can liners


Standard Sizes
Standard Sizes of Biohazard Bags
Model No Sizes(Inches) Model No Sizes(Inches)
BST/BB/1012 10 x 12 BST/BB/3036 30 x 36
BST/BB/1218 12 x 18 BST/BB/3339 33x 39
BST/BB/2424 24 x 24 BST/BB/3336 33 x 36
BST/BB/2423 24 x 23 BST/BB/3337 33 x 37
BST/BB/2432 24 x 32 BST/BB/3338 33 x 38
BST/BB/2432 24 x 32 BST/BB/3340 33 x 40
BST/BB/3036 30 x 36 BST/BB/3342 33 x 42
BST/BB/3036 30 x 36 BST/BB/4046 40 x 46
BST/BB/4047 40 x 47 BST/BB/4048 40 x 48
BST/BB/4055 40 x 55 BST/BB/3859 38 x 59

Being a manufacturing company, equipped with latest machinery and instruments, our customers earn benefit of buying such biohazard disposal bags that made of non-chlorinated plastic, meet OSHA guidelines and compliant with both Indian and international quality standards. Just discuss your biohazard bag requirements with us and we will design and develop the same bag which may exceed your expectations. We can custom print your bags or logo on them.

We are leading Biohazard Bags manufacturer, supplier and exporter based in India. By contacting us you eliminate the role of mediator and benefit of highly reasonable price and quote. Not limited to supply in India, we also export our bags to Asian, African and Middle East countries. Our products are also supplied to whole sellers, suppliers and distributors throughout India and worldwide.

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