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Biohazard Garbage Bags w/ Red, Yellow & Clear Color

Biohazard Bags and Film Rolls

Experience our precise range of clinical and medical biohazard garbage bags that are designed with customer provided specifications including size, color, thickness and private label printed on them. We have the knowledge, technology and expertise to meet your most critical specifications; all at cost-effective price with the personalized attention your business deserves.

Our Biohazard Garbage Bags help you meet OSHA requirements for the disposal of biohazardous materials in hospitals, clinics and other medical areas and are designed with different color with Biohazard Symbol printed on them. Following the Bio-Medical Waste (management and handling) rules, these Color Coded Bags are designed and developed according to the categories of Bio-Medical Waste. These extra-strong, high-grade bio hazard bags are designed to be tamper-evident for safe disposal of asbestos, chemotherapy waste, and infectious waste.

In addition to dealing into biohazard and non-biohazard plastic bags, we also design and manufacture bags for management of low-level radioactive products. In order to meet your unique or customized applications, we can make radiation waste bags (dispose of radioactive waste) according to your specifications.

Types & Applications
Red, Yellow, Orange Biohazard Waste Bags
Color Type Waste Treatment Options
Yellow Incineration / deep burial
Red Autoclaving / Micro waving / Chemical Treatment
White translucent / Blue Autoclaving / Micro waving / Chemical Treatment and destruction / shredding
Black Disposal in secured landfill

Biohazard Waste Disposal Bags
  • Puncture, tear and leak proof

  • Heavy duty material hence durable

  • Made of PP / HDPE / LDPE

  • Ideal for clinical and medical waste disposal
  • Available in Red, Yellow, Green, Black & Clear

  • Customized, matched with customers' specifications

  • Bags also available on roll

  • Small, Medium and Large sizes

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter based in India and are offering trusted services for our Biohazardous waste collection bags in India and also supplying them to Asian, African and Middle East countries at wholesale price.

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