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Autoclavable Biohazard Bags

Our Biohazard Autoclave Bags are designed and developed to withstand the challenging pressure and heat of Steam Sterilization and meeting the most demanding requirements for the handing of biohazardous waste within areas of healthcare, bio-medical and other facilities, where such items require intensive care of disposal. Using polypropylene (PP) film as raw material, our Biohazard plastic bags for autoclaving process have an operating temperature of 134C; furthermore, these bags can also bear higher level of temperature up to 140°C. We also design autoclavable biohazard bags made of HDPE that have an operating temperature of 127°C.

Biohazard Disposal Bags w/ Sterilization Indicator Biohazard Bags Sterilization Biohazard Bags for Autoclaving
Autoclavable Biohazard Bag India
  • Withstand 135C (275F) maximum autoclave temperature

  • Ideal for sterilizing Biohazardous content prior to disposal

  • Resistant to tear, puncture and leaks

  • Puncture & tear resistant

  • Made of LDPE, HDPE

  • Small, Medium and Large sizes

  • Meet ASTM D1709-98 (165g dart drop standard)

  • With & without temperature indicator

  • Designed w/ self sealed and twist tie

  • Available in Clear, Orange and Red colors

  • Can be printed with hospital name and address if required
  • Printed w/ universal biohazard symbol

Standard Sizes
Standard Sizes of Autoclavable Biohazard Bags
Model No Sizes(Inches) Model No Sizes(Inches)
BST/ABB/812 8 x 12 BST/ABB/2436 24 x 36
BST/ABB/1224 12 x 24 BST/ABB/2535 25 x 35
BST/ABB/1419 14 x 19 BST/ABB/3330 33 x 30
BST/ABB/1923 19 x 23 BST/ABB/3645 36 x 45
BST/ABB/1924 19 x 24 BST/ABB/3738 37 x 38
BST/ABB/2430 24 x 30 BST/ABB/3847 38 x 47

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter company based in India. Our collection is made to order and designed and developed with matched specifications provided by our customers. To know more about price, quote and other details please send us a precise email mentioning all important points such as size, color, quantity, temperature and type of use. This will help us to quote you in most credible way.

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