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water Soluble Laundry Bags

Water Soluble Laundry Bags

Made of PVA Film, water soluble bags are proved to be the most eco friendly laundry bags used widely in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other health related industries. Water-soluble PVA film is a green environmental friendly material and is 100% Bio-degradable! Once the laundry bag is dissolved in the washing process, the solution will be decomposed to water and carbon dioxide. Designed for maximum health protection and infection prevention, one of the most favorable features of these water soluble laundry bags often known as dissolving laundry bags and Biodegradable Laundry Bags is that these bags avoid direct contact between the contaminated material in the bag and the operator until washing and drying process is completed.

We offer cost effective range of such bags that is available from hot water soluble film to cold water soluble film and is fully certified 100% compostable and biodegradable. These bags can be customized with solubility at different temperatures. The exact specifications of the film and the solubility temperature are manufactured according to individual industry requirements.

Features & Advantages
water soluble hospital laundry bags
Avoid direct contact between the contaminated content and the laundry staff until the washing and drying cycle is completed Avoid contaminated medical waste to be generated as the disposal bags completely dissolve in water, eliminating the traditional treatment by incineration or burying and reducing the treatment cost
Finely improve the hygiene of working environment and enhance the staff protection Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, Hazardous Waste Facilities, Commercial Laundry Services hotels and prisons
Minimize the spread of bed bug infestation Meet the stringent guidelines and regulations of Govt. organizations and authorities
Highly tear and puncture resistant Excellent gas barrier properties
Non-toxic and fully biodegradable Custom color, size and thickness possibilities
Come in standard and heavy duty models Also available in Films and Rolls

Our Product Range
Dissolvable Laundry Bag
Bag Type Strength Washing Temperature Color Size
Type-W Standard Duty / Heavy duty ≥25°C Clear / Red / Yellow / Blue Large / Medium / Small
Type-M Standard Duty / Heavy duty ≥45°C Clear / Red / Yellow / Blue Large / Medium / Small
Type-H Standard Duty / Heavy duty ≥65°C Clear / Red / Yellow / Blue Large / Medium / Small
Type-S Standard Duty / Heavy duty ≥75°C Clear / Red / Yellow / Blue Large / Medium / Small
# The above temperatures are recommended dissolving temperatures
# Color and specifications can be customized upon the request of the clients

All Water Soluble film bags / dissolving laundry bags are latex free and safe for use bin linens, laundry machines or waste water treatment systems. These water soluble bags dissolve completely and are highly resistant to most organic solvents, greases, fats and oils. Most of our hospital water soluble bags are closed with a tie-tape that comes attached to the bags.

We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Water Soluble Hospital Laundry Bags in India. These types of bags are also exported to Asian, African, and Middle East countries at wholesale price. These bags are made to order to satisfy specific requirements of our customers. To enable us for easy quote we are requested you to send us detailed email mentioning size, color, quantity, thickness etc.

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