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Biodegradable & Degradable Bags

Biodegradable bags are an excellent alternative to plastic and are ideal for businesses, hospitals, bio-medical laboratories, food and other industries. At we design and manufacture international quality standard degradable and biodegradable plastic bags and bin liners that are supplied to all over India, Asia, Africa and Middle East countries at wholesale price. Our Biodegradable plastic Bags are manufactured prescribed to the standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) across the country.

Biodegradable Bags India Bio Degradable Bags Degradable Bags

Being a manufacturing company, we understand your needs of customization, no matter what size, color, thickness and private label you need, we offer custom made Degradable and Biodegradable Bags matched to specific requirements of our customers. With outstanding manufacturing facilities we will provide you with exact finished product as required.

Our company. is the right place, where you can get custom printed and made to order 100% biodegradable bags at any quantity you need. These eco friendly plastic bags are tested by independent laboratories in accordance with standard test methods approved by ASTM, ISO and other such standardization bodies to determine the rate and extent of biodegradation of plastic materials.

Features & Advantages
Biodegradable Plastic Bags, Eco Friendly Plastic Bags, Degradable Bags
Eco friendly to environment Food compatible complies with international standards
Clear & Black, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue colors Perforation for easy tear off from a bunch of bags or roll
Private Labeling Meets standards set by BIS, ASTM & EN13432
Material: LDPE / HDPE, Cornstarch Offer moderate moisture barriers
Excellent oxygen & aroma barriers Heat-sealable
Good puncture imperiousness Take less time to biodegrade
Leaving no harmful residues behind Plain Mini grip / Self seal / Re-closable bags
Customized size, color, thickness and material National and International supply

Scope of Use
Biodegradable Bags, Bio Plastic Bags
Hotels for kitchen and other wastes Laboratory waste collection
Hospitals Waste collection Office waste collection
Laundry bags (Hospitals, Hotels and Prisons) Pet Waste Bags
Compostable bags Grocery recycles bags
Biodegradable plastic packaging Waste disposal bags

We cater both small and large quantities required by end-users as well as suppliers and distributors worldwide. Contact our sales team for wholesale enquiries, to discuss customization, or for free samples. We are committing highly reasonable price and service to our customers.

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