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Autoclave Bags for Steam Sterilization

Autoclave Bags

We are your top Indian source for autoclavable plastic bags designed for contaminated medical waste disposal in sterilizer and incinerator. These bags feature highest melting point, giving you the largest safety margin for your equipment. These bags for autoclave sterilizers are made of medical grade HDPE plastic and designed to meet international quality standards while fulfilling the most stringent requirements in the sterilization process of critical components.

We design and develope following qualities:

Autoclavable to 121°C:
These types of Bags are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) film and perfect for re-usable articles including animal cages, personal protective equipment, gloves, shoes, coats and other instruments etc. that require sterilization at 121°C.

Autoclavable to 135°C:
Such Bags are made of Hi-strength Polypropylene (PP) and are used for the decontamination and inactivation of particularly resistant biological waste that require high temperature sterilisation at 135°C.

Autoclavable to 141°C:
Designed for extremely safe high temperature autoclaving process, these types of Bags are lint-free, moisture resistant, puncture resistant and extremely tough. These Bags are made of Polypropylene (PP) and are ideal for autoclaving up to 285°F (141°C).

Sterilization Bags, Autoclave Bags
  • Autoclave Bags and Rolls are made of medical grade HDPE / PP that will not melt, even in superheated vacuum sterilizers reaching up to 285°F/141°C.

  • Designed for sterilization of sensitive products and components

  • Clearly visible chemical indicator strips that give a color change when sterilizing conditions have been achieved during autoclaving

  • Can be printed with international biohazardous symbols and warning languages

  • Bags meet the strength requirements of 165 gram dart drop standard as performed per ASTM D1709-04 test.

  • Printed and un-printed bags

  • Offer tear, puncture and peer pressure resistant preformance

  • Choice of standard or Easy-Tear opening
  • Autoclavable bags are also provided with national and international certifications

  • compatible with a variety of sterilization methods

  • Perfect for steam, EtO and gamma sterilization processes

  • Available with Red, Yellow, Clear, plain clear with and without printing

  • A write on panel available on these bags to enable the user to mark each bag if required

  • Available in bags, rolls, sheets, box covers as per customers’ requirements

  • Designed with customer provided material grade, thickness, size and other qualitative specifications

  • Available in small, medium and large sizes and even specific custom size

  • Comply with FDA regulations

Transparent Autoclave Bag Sterilization Reel Pouch Flat Sterilization Pouche
Transparent Autoclave Bag Sterilization Reel Pouche Flat Autoclave Pouche

Sizes of Autoclave Bags
Model No Sizes(Inches) Model No Sizes(Inches)
BST/AB/812 8 x 12 BST/AB/2432 24 x 32
BST/AB/1015 10 x 15 BST/AB/2430 24 x 30
BST/AB/1218 12 x 18 BST/AB/2436 24 x 36
BST/AB/1224 12 x 24 BST/AB/2535 25 x 35
BST/AB/1225 12 x 25 BST/AB/2837 28 x 37
BST/AB/1627 16 x 27 BST/AB/3034 30 x 34
BST/AB/1924 19 x 24 BST/AB/3138 31 x 38
BST/AB/2014 20 x 14 BST/AB/3420 34 x 20
BST/AB/3638 36 x 38    

In addition to these standard sizes, we manufacture and supply custom made bags. If you have specific requirements in terms of color, size, thickness and temperature range, we can provide you exact product that meets or exceeds your requirements. Being a manufacturer our tailor made services are benefitting thousands of our customers worldwide. Furthermore, Our autoclave bags are supplied at wholesale price.

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