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Widest Range of Waste Collection Bags

This website is your one stop source for variety of cost effective waste collection and disposal bags in India. Our company has over 25 years of industry experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying these plastic bags to various sectors including hospitals, bio-medical laboratories, healthcare facilities and many others where disposal of hazard waste is major concern. We are one of the trusted manufacturers around world and cater customers from all over India, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. We produce sterilization bags, biohazard trash bags, biodegradable bags as well as plain and printed rolls, all of them are supplied in any size, thickness and colors to your customized requirements and of course at factory and wholesale price.

Hospital Waste Collection Bags

Industries We Serve:

Hospitals Healthcare Facilities
Bio-medical Laboratories Govt. Institutions
Pharmaceutical companies Agricultural industries

We are the only Indian company that designs and manufactures Bags, Liners and Rolls for collection and composting biological waste without affecting environment. We are a well known organization within Indian and International market with the team of professionally talent engineers, custom capabilities, use of durable material and latest manufacturing technologies. Our products have been appreciated by industry experts and highly recommended for industries that adopt environmental policies and regulations.

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